Ocean Grey: The 2018/19 FC Bayern Third Trikot

We saw FC Bayern’s new “Retro-Rot” Trikot make its debut at the end of last season, followed last month by the “Minty Qatari Fresh” away kit. The set was completed earlier today with the presentation of the new third design, officially marketed as the club’s UEFA Champions League kit.

As far as kit designs are concerned, we all know that the names mean nothing. Usually, Bayern play at home in red. On the road, it can be a combination of anything. It is highly likely that the new grey “UEFA Champions League” kit, launched today, will just be another Auswärtstrikot.

Which is fine by me, as I quite like it.

Bayern have worn grey outfits before, so the colour is not a major visual leap for fans. As with every new kit, the majority of kit-watchers had a reasonable idea what it was going to look like. Images had been doing the rounds on the internet since early in the year. But now, it is there on the club website, and in the official shop.

All for a good cause

Adidas have been fairly innovative with some of their designs this season, and Bayern’s new third kit is no exception. The shirt has a slightly shimmery look when viewed from a distance, the result of a design consisting of small grey dots of varying sizes.

The new shirt actually looks like the ocean, which is no coincidence given the cause behind it. Parley is a campaign dedicated to the conservation of the planet’s oceans, and their collaboration with Adidas has resulted in the construction of football shirts that have been manufactured using recycled ocean waste.

To Bayern fans, this may sound familiar. A couple of seasons ago, FC Bayern launched a distinctive all-red Parley Trikot, which was sold as a special edition. It was only worn for one game. This time, it is one of the three selected outfits for the 2018/19 season. Like the earlier red shirt, this one also contains the legend “for the oceans”.

Shades of grey

The grey Parley shirt has a distinctive dark grey incomplete v-neck, which makes for a pretty smart look both on and off the pitch. The Qatari mint green Trikot may have been a bit of a miss. This one, when also factoring in the cause, is more on the mark.

Here’s the official blurb:

The Parley FC Bayern Munich jersey, which is 100% Ocean Plastic™ yarns and fibers made from recycled and recycled plastic waste collected on the shores of the Maldives, stands out for its “clean” design, the Parley message “For the oceans” in the collar!

Unlike the away shirt, there is a full colour Bayern badge on this design, topped with the four championship stars in gold. Taking its cues from the 2016/17 Adidas template, the three stripes run down the side of the shirt rather than the shoulders. Like the trim, the “T” sponsor logo is also in white.

Completing the look, the new Trikot is teamed with dark grey shorts and socks. Both have white trim.

Overall, this is a fine design. Let us hope that it gets a good number of airings in this season’s Champions league!

Other clubs have also released Parley kits, including Manchester United, Real Madrid and Juventus. You can find out more about Parley and their campaign here.